With a wealth of experience and a keen eye, Iain Denton can enhance your garage space to meet your requirements.

Whether you want to build a new garage, build on top of your garage, or convert the space into a usable room, we will discuss your requirements with you, gaining a full understanding of what you wish to achieve with the space.

Answering all of your questions and ensuring maximum efficiency of the space, we have nearly 20 years of experience to draw on and will make knowledgeable recommendations on factors such as access, reducing the effect on existing features like windows, staircases and more.

Complying to building regulations and ensuring you obtain planning permission, we will produce detailed building designs that can be used as guide for your chosen building contractor and allow you to visualise the end result, both the exterior and interior.

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    With nearly 20 years of experience, Iain Denton can design your extension or new building plan with precision and detail.

    Fair Pricing

    Iain Denton Ltd offers competitive and fair pricing based upon an estimate of how much time will be spent on each project.

    Client Focused

    Clients are guided through the entire planning process with advice and guidance on all aspects of the design phase.

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