With nearly 20 years experience, Iain Denton provides lifelike 3D extension drawing services, allowing our clients to visualise the end result of their home extension even before construction has taken place. 

Deciding to extend your property is a decision that should not be taken lightly. All aspects of the project need to be considered including cost, materials, aesthetics, purpose of space and much more. This may seem daunting, which is where we come in, designing your new extension, making the process as seamless for our clients as possible. 

We will visit you at your property to conduct a property survey and discuss your project brief in detail. Helping with every aspect of the design stage, we can ensure you make the best use of the space.

Firstly, we will draw up the existing property, to scale, before incorporating your new requirements into the design. Ensuring you are completely happy with your building drawing, we listen to any further suggestions you may have, whilst also noticing any opportunities that you may not have considered. 

Once we have gained your approval, we will then proceed to submit your plans to your local Council to gain the necessary planning permission you need. With a thorough and current understanding of all building regulations and planning permission requirements, all elements of the design and regulation phases are handled for you, including submission of the applications and any subsequent alterations required by governing bodies. 

Working closely with a range of leading professionals, such as structural engineers, we provide a full building design package. We are set out to provide a better, more efficient way for clients and building professionals alike to visualise construction projects.