Side Extension

For many, the side return area of your home is an unused space. By extending into it, you can transform your home, creating that little bit more space that makes all the difference. 

A side extension is one of the most common building work projects in terraced and semi-detached properties, renovating an unused outdoor space into a well-lit, larger living space.   

Since October 2008, planning permission for a ground floor side-extension has not been required as long as the extension is single storey, no more than four metres high and no wider than half of the original house width, making for a convenient way to create more space. Please note that planning law is complex and there are certain additional criteria which need to be met in order for your extension to be exempt from Planning permission, which we can discuss with you.  

We will firstly survey your house in its current state and will create custom house plans on the work you require, taking into consideration factors such as the space available, neighbour’s boundaries, and light access. Then, we will produce a 3D building design to give to your building contractor, allowing you to visualise the property.   

Making the most of the space, we can make recommendations based on nearly 20 years of experience on areas such as maximising light capacity and making the most of the space available.