Change of Use

Changing the use of a property can give it a practical new lease of life.

Being able to change the use of a premises allows for greater flexibility on who can tenant the property and its purpose.

From transforming an office block to apartments, a larger house to flats, and a shop to a restaurant, we have a wealth of experience in transforming properties, enhancing the current architecture and structure.

The Town and Country Planning Order 1987 puts uses of land and buildings into various categories known as Use Classes. The categories give an indication of the types of property use which may fall within each use class. There are four main categories:

  • Class A – shops and other retail premises such as restaurants and bank branches
  • Class B – offices, workshops, factories and warehouses
  • Class C – residential uses
  • Class D – non-residential institutions and assembly and leisure uses.

These classes are important when considering a change of property use, due to permitted development, meaning planning permission may not be required. We will be hands-on throughout the whole design stage and will talk you through all of these details, ensuring you fully understand and appropriate action is taken.

Once you are aware of the above, we will discuss your requirements and will produce detailed 3D building drawings, submitting them to the appropriate regulatory bodies if required.

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