Flat Roof

For a more modern, contemporary house extension, you may want, or need, to finish your new space with a flat roof. 

Traditionally, many people tend to shy away from flat roof construction, but modern construction methods have advanced greatly and a flat roof, properly constructed, now has a considerably longer life span than it once had under old construction methods. 

Whilst still not to every one’s tastes, flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular, especially in built up areas. Flat roofs can sometimes offer garden space, reduce obstructing vision from windows, and have a more modern look to them, transforming the aesthetics of your property regardless of its age.  They also allow for features such as glass lanterns which are highly popular, and allow for good natural lighting internally.

If you have decided to opt for a flat roof, we can advise on the aesthetics and will discuss the best options for roofing material. We will produce a 3D building design of your extension with your chosen roof, allowing you to visualise the end result.